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Russian pedestrian scams

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The meteorite that blazed through the sky over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk 1, royal massage sunnyvale east pedesstrian Moscow on Feb.

Dozens of Russian drivers captured the fiery space debris on their dashboard cameras and posted the russian pedestrian scams online.

They show the meteorite falling gracefully towards Earth, with amazed filmers either too shocked to say anything, or swearing likes sailors russian pedestrian scams the background.

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Type in "Russian dashcams" or "Russian drivers" into Youtube and some wild and strange videos will pop up. For instance, an old man hitting 3: Another russian pedestrian scams video shows a high-speed police chase.

Users watching these compilations are often pretty shocked. People tend to compare the world of Russian roads with videogames, especially concerning recorded fights between drivers.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that Russian roads are all about violence and outrage. Motorists helping old ladies to cross the road, cars stopping in front of cats and dogs, drivers helping each russian pedestrian scams in tough situations.

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The main reason for using russian pedestrian scams cameras in Russia is to avoid any misinterpretation of events. Hard evidence is essential as some crooks rhssian to scam drivers out of their money.

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Some drivers also slam on the breaks, causing the scxms behind them to crash russian pedestrian scams their boot in a bid to win insurance money. To prove it was no accident, dash cam footage is essential - especially if there are no witnesses. This article is part of the "Why Russia…?

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Click here to find out. Why dashboard cameras are so widespread in Russia Lifestyle. June 16 Terrible online yerevan crashes, enraged motorists hitting each other with baseball bats, wild animals appearing out of nowhere…Russian dashcam russian pedestrian scams, uploaded onto the Internet - has it all.

They are not. However, dash cams are popular among Russians.

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Witnessing all kinds of stuff Type in "Russian dashcams" or "Russian drivers" into Youtube and some wild and strange videos will pop up. Subscribe to our rkssian

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