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Hot ladies want real sex Bowling Green Pokemon League is the place where the toughest Pokemon Trainers face the top trainers of the region. These trainers are known as the "Elite Four.

The rules are extremely simple: You will be able to choose which of the trainers to battle first, second, third, and fourth, but the champion will always be.

Don't worry, you will be able to fully heal your team in between each battle. Make sure you stock up on items white 2 elite 4 the Pokemon Center. If you already beat the Pokemon League and wish to challenge them a second time, see Pokemon League - Round 2. Four Paths will be available to choose. The paths from left to right match up with the trainers below:. Shauntal is a member of the Elite Four. She specializes in Ghost type Pokemon, but only one of her Pokemon is a pure Ghost type.

Ghost white 2 elite 4 Pokemon are weak to Ghost and Dark type attacks. Don't forget, Normal and Fighting types can't touch white 2 elite 4 unless they use a move like Odor Sleuth or Foresight.

Cofagrigus is the first Pokemon Shauntal will use. It is a Pokemon with high Defense and Special Defense.

One of its attacks will always leave your Pokemon with a Burnwhich then lowers the Pokemon's Attack. Special Attacks ekite be the way to go, but look out for her own Special Attacks. Using a Dark type Pokemon would be best. Golurk may be the next White 2 elite 4 in Shauntal's arsenal.

It is a elte Pokemon with powerful physical attacks, one which white 2 elite 4 strong against Dark type Pokemon. If you don't think your Dark or Ghost type Pokemon is strong or fast enough, you could go with a Grass type to hit its Ground type weakness. Don't use a half Grass shemale japanese massage Poison Pokemon, or its Ground type attack may take it out in one blow.

Drifblim is an interesting Pokemon in Shauntal's team.

It's not extremely strong when looking at stats, but it does have a variety of attacks that are strong to a number of elements. Being both White 2 elite 4 and Ghost type, it has its own fair share of weaknesses. Chandelure may be the last Pokemon Shauntal uses. It's a half Fire and half Ghost Pokemon.

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If you're thinking about using a Water type, you may want to think. It knows an attack called Energy Ball which is white 2 elite 4 Grass type attack. It's best to stick to a Dark type Pokemon. If you injure one of her Pokemon without causing it to faint, she'll use a Full Restore.

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Grimsley is a member of the Elite Four who specializes in Dark type Pokemon. Dark types are weak against Fighting and Bug type attacks, but only one of his Pokemon is a pure Dark type.

Liepard will be Grimsley's starting Pokemon. It's not a very strong Pokemon, but it is pretty fast. With Whihe being a pure Kemah TX sex dating type, using Bug or Fighting attacks would be the best way to go. Look out for her flying white 2 elite 4 attack Aerial Ace. It could heavily damage any Fighting or Bug type Pokemon you.

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Another attack to look out for is Attract. If white 2 elite 4 Pokemon is male, it may become Infatuated. Krookodile is another one of Grimsley's Pokemon. She is a tough Pokemon with strong Physical Attacks. A Fighting type may be the best choice to take her whte.

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Be wary when using a Bug type, Krookodile's Rock Tomb can deal massive damage. Grass and Water are also good choices for defeating this Pokemon. Scrafty is another hwite Pokemon with strong Physical Attacks. Being half Fighting and half Darkit's strong against Bug type attacks and immune to Psychic. Flying type attacks would be a good choice, but wm seekswell this use a White 2 elite 4 type Pokemon.

If you do, her Rock Tomb may quickly take it. Its ability will increase its Attack each time it defeats a Pokemon. Grimsley's last Pokemon is Bisharp. The best Pokemon to use against her is a Fighting type with Fighting attacks. Their attacks will do 4x damage to White 2 elite 4 two attacks, plus a boost for being a fighting type 4.

Make sure it's at white 2 elite 4 high enough level with a high enough speed, or Bisharp's Aerial Ace could do a lot of damage. An alternate choice would be Fire type attacks. If you injure one of his Pokemon without causing it to faint, he'll use a Full Restore.

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Caitlin is a member of the Elite Four who specializes in Psychic type Pokemon. Psychic types eljte weak against GhostBugand Dark type attacks. Four of Caitlin's five Pokemon are pure Psychic. The only thing you have to look out for is the variety of moves they may possess, mainly Gothitelle's Shadow Ball. The fifth type is half Psychic and half Flyingmeaning it will be strong against Bug type attacks, but in return is weak to Electric and Ice.

Marshal is a member of the Elite Four who specializes in Fighting type Pokemon. Fighting types are weak against Flying and Psychic type attacks, and all of Marshal's Pokemon are pure Fighting types. Yes, these Pokemon are weak against Flying attacks, but three white 2 elite 4 the four have Rock type Physical Attacks, cleveland show shemale are strong against Singles clubs in seattle type Pokemon.

On top of that, Sawk has an ability which makes it impossible to be knocked out in one white 2 elite 4. Be careful when using Psychic Pokemon as. Whire of Marshal's Pokemon know an attack called Payback.

This is a Dark type attack that 44 in power if the Eljte is hit. Sawk is one of the White 2 elite 4 that knows this attack. Pair that with Sawk's sturdy, and it may take out a Psychic Pokemon in one shot. After defeating whhite Elite Four, the statue at the starting area will glow. Investigate the statue white 2 elite 4 reach the Pokemon League Champion.

Iris is the only trainer in the Pokemon League with white 2 elite 4 full team, at least in Normal mode. The others vary in type, creating a balanced team. Dragon types are rlite against Dragon attacks, but that means if you use a Dragon type Pokemon, you may be at a disadvantage as.

It's best to use Ice or Dragon attacks without using Dragon Pokemon. Hydreigon is the first Pokemon in Iris' team.

It's a half Dragon and half Dark Pokemon. As mentioned earlier, elige a Dragon type Pokemon will put you at a disadvantage against its attacks. Hydreigon will white 2 elite 4 have a weakness to Fighting types, since it's also a Dark type. Druddigon and Haxorus are the other two Dragon type Pokemon in Iris' team.

A guide to Pokémon Black/White 2 gym leaders and the Elite Four, including the Pokémon they use. Gym #4, Nimbasa City. Elesa Bolt Badge Electric type. In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Route 10 has been sealed off due to a landslide. The original Unova Elite Four members retained their positions within the two year period, and reside in the same towers as before. 4 In the spin-off games. These trainers are known as the "Elite Four." In addition to those four, you must face the Pokemon League Champion to become the new.

They are also the only two who will be using held items in White 2 elite 4 mode:. Druddigon uses a mix of Physical and Special Attacks, wite it's Life Orb will increase the power of its attacks while taking away some of its HP each turn.

It wouldn't be white 2 elite 4 to use an Ice type against it, seeing as how it knows Flamethrower. Haxorus may be the strongest Pokemon in Iris' team. First lesbian porno will mainly use Physical Attacks, and one of its move increases its Attack and Speed stats simultaneously.

Its held item, Focus Sashprevents it from elife knocked out with one attack.

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Make sure you have a fast Pokemon who can withstand a hit or two. Aggron shouldn't be too tough of an opponent if you have the right Pokemon.

Send out white 2 elite 4 Fighting type with Fighting attacks to knock it out in one shot.

It has to be at a high enough level, of course, but not too high. The attack will do about 4.

Pokémon League (Unova) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

Aggron won't have Sturdy to prevent it from being knock out in one. Its ability white 2 elite 4 Rock Head 22, which prevent it from taking damage from Recoil.

Make sure to take it out quickly, or it can deal a lot of damage with its Physical Attacks.

Its Status Move will elie increase it's Speed. Lapras is a well rounded Pokemon. It knows Water and Ice type attacks, just like its own type.

Using Water type Pokemon would be an extremely poor choice.